New Foam Cushions Cut to Size

New Foam Cushions Cut to Size

Is your armchair or sofa in good condition other than lumpy, sagging or uncomfortable cushions? Are you fed up with having to constantly plump your cushions up? Why spend thousands on a new suite when for a fraction of the price you can simply replace or restuff your existing cushions, making your chair, seating or sofa FEEL AND LOOK LIKE NEW? We can supply high quality foam cushions and replace these in your chairs, stools, sofas or seating, or simply cut it to your sizes and supply it to customers throughout  the country. Please CLICK HERE to get an estimate for our nationwide cushion refilling and restuffing service!

We can re-pad and re-stuff seat cushions, back cushions and the arms of your chair or sofa as well, if required. Whether your cushions are ‘fixed’ in place or removable, we can re-fill them to make your chair or sofa feel like new!If you have feather or fibre cushions, we can re-stuff these, or alternatively replace them with foam, if you prefer. If you’re in Edinburgh, East Lothian or Midlothian (and if you prefer), we can come and inspect your cushions and give you a free estimate.

before and after New Foam Cushions

We only supply the highest quality foam, and can offer advice to you based on your needs and preferences. Whether you need a soft or firm foam for anything from bar seating installations to just giving your chair or sofa a new lease of life, contact us now by CLICKING HERE and we can give you a quote for replacing your foam cushions, in firm, regular or supersoft luxury foam.

All of the foam we supply comes with a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing faults, so you can be sure it’s of the highest quality!

5 year guarantee New Foam Cushions Cut to Size

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